July 21, 2014
Life-Long Friendships Form at Orientation

PHILADELPHIA (July 21, 2014) – New Hawks Jeffrey Davis ’18 and Michael Smith ’18, who attended the fourth orientation session at Saint Joseph’s University on July 15 and 16, have become best friends. Both placed in the plum group, the two hit it off and have decided to live together during the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year.

Davis, a resident of Moorestown, New Jersey, says he and Smith first began talking on Tuesday afternoon during the ice breaker games. “Mike said his only vacation this summer was to the Firefly Music Festival,” says Davis. “I went too, so I had to pull him aside to talk about how sick Outkast’s set was.”

The two stuck together for the rest of the day’s field games and activities and even stood in the same non-dancing circle during the black light dance.

“I knew Jeff was chill during the dance,” says Smith of Washington, D.C. “He totally had my back and kept me from getting with an uggo.”

After a sad departure to their respective rooms Tuesday night, Davis popped the question during Wednesday’s breakfast in the Campion Student Center. “I figured it was safer than rooming with a stranger,” he added.

The two plan to live in Villiger Residence Hall, the most recent addition to the SJU campus. Although they are both coming into the University as undeclared business majors, both Smith and Davis hope to major in Sports Marketing.

July 21, 2014

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